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Emotionally Damaged Crazy Lady Confirms Affair With Clemens

In what seemed like a clumsily orchestrated ambush against former pitcher Roger Clemens after the Daily News' odd "Raj-diddled-a-15-year-old" story yesterday, the woman behind the affair, "troubled" country singer Mindy McCready has held a press conference to say she stands by what the NYDN wrote.

"I cannot refute anything in the story. Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time. He's a kind and caring man. He's also a legendary athlete."


Since her life has been one big Burning Bed for the last few years, you hate to completely piss all over McCready's non-refute, but why are so many people taking this woman seriously? If this story came out four years ago she would have about as much credibility as a deranged homeless person who wears shoes made out of soda cans and has pockets full of dead pigeons. What's changed?

Oh yeah: Roger. The fact that Clemens has not admitted he took steroids, that means he HAS to also be a hilllbilly chlid molester too, right?

I have a feeling that if Brian McNamee's lawyer keeps pressing this issue — and actually does <a href="


">subpoena McCready for the upcoming defamation suit — it completely makes him look like even more of an opportunistic little shit bird. It appears Mindy McCready is just another old, bloody tissue that McNamee just so happened to stumble upon when it was convenient for him.

And, seriously, is Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, the worst attorney ever? This guy should've been fired 15 times since December.


UPDATE:Here's an email from a person claiming to be some sort of relative who disagrees with the whole "she's a lying crazy lady" portion of this post:

You seemed to imply in your post about Mindy McCready today that she was somehow making this up...


My mom is cousins with Mindy's stepmother. I've spent Christmases in Ft. Myers with Mindy. I've been out to dinner with Mindy's dad, Tim, many, many times. My cousin is employed by Mindy's dad.

It's all true.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mindy leaked the story to the press herself as she is probably the most cold-blooded, attention-seeking, self-promoting person I've ever met. She may be an emotionally-damaged person as you labeled her in your post but she's also manipulative and prettly much always looking out for number one.


Mindy's dad, Tim, is raising her son in FL. Mindy hasn't seen the kid in at least a year yet a couple months ago she was on "Extra" pimping herself out talking about how her son is the most important thing in her life.

The only thing Mindy cares about is self-promotion and if she's lucky, getting back on the County Fair concert circuit.


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