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Employee 8721 Should Turn In His ID Badge Tomorrow

In honor of Dan Patrick's last day at ESPN tomorrow, we proudly present his intraoffice "In The Know" page at ESPN. Looking dope, Dan.

An ESPN spy writes:

"In the Know" is a feature available to all employees, where you can search by first name, last name, or whatever to find a person's extension, email, or just to be nosey & find out what they look like. it also includes their security badge picture. As you can see, Dan was able to talk his way into keep his hat for the pic. Normal people hae to remove hats, sunglasses, etc.


So yeah. D Piddy was chillin' in his ID pic.

We will actually miss Patrick; we avoid sports radio at almost any cost, but he always seemed like one of the smarter guys. No wonder he's leaving.

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