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Illustration for article titled Enes Kanter Misses Knicks Practice And Game Due To Grotesque Burger Excess [Update]
Photo: Mike Stobe (Getty Images)

Enes Kanter coverage tends to fork into two categories, both of which are true to the man himself and both of which are honestly pretty confusing taken together. One is Kanter Bravely Stands Up To Authoritarian, and the other is Kanter Bungles Badly While Seeking Attention. Perhaps there’s some overlap. It’s possible that “eating so many cheeseburgers that you miss your day job working for James Dolan” checks both boxes.

Either way, that’s what happened, and it’s stupid as shit.


The Knicks big man missed practice on Thursday because, on Wednesday, he ate seven cheeseburgers, three of which were triple-patty ordeals topped with egg. If the trade rumors connecting Kanter to the Kings hold up and this really is his last empty-calorie double-double in New York, then godspeed to the new King and happy eating in California. Sources close to the matter inform me that Sacramento is the nation’s farm-to-fork capital.

Update (4:19 p.m. ET): The team says Kanter will miss Friday night’s game as well.

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