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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Engelb Vielma Tracker: More Hot Engelb Vielma Moves And Anagrams Here

Photo Credit: David Goldman/AP
Photo Credit: David Goldman/AP

It’s been nearly a month since the last installation of the Engelb Vielma Tracker, which chronicled the many times that the career minor-leaguer was claimed off waivers this offseason. Currently with the Orioles—his fifth club in sixth months—Vielma’s had a busy week. Some important updates:

  • Last week: news breaks that Vielma (who is from Venezuela) is having visa issues and may not be able to report to camp on time.
  • Three days ago: news breaks that Vielma will officially miss the Orioles’ first full-squad workout due to the aforementioned visa issues.
  • Two days ago: news breaks that said issues have been resolved to such a point where Vielma is now expected in camp on Thursday.

Rejoice! Look out for Vielma—who, we should note, was in fact mentioned in passing a few weeks ago in this Press Box Online article about non-roster invitees to watch—in camp tomorrow.

Now, some anagrams of his full name, Engelb Stalin Vielma:

  • Lamentable Vile Sign
  • Ball Game: Evil Tennis
  • Lima Bean Event Gills
  • Meatball Given Lines
  • Slam-Bang Level Tie-In

Until next time!

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