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Engelb Vielma Tracker: All Your Hot Engelb Vielma Moves And Anagrams Here

Photo Credit: Patrick Semansky/ AP

“The offseason has been so slow,” you say. “Nothing is happening. Nothing has been happening.” But have you considered that the offseason actually has not been so slow if you take into account the activity of non-prospect minor-league defensive specialist Engelb Vielma? A quick look, with some in-season backstory for context:

  • September 12: The Twins, who’ve had Vielma in their system since signing him as an international free agent in 2011, designate him for assignment.
  • September 14: Giants claim Vielma off waivers from Twins.
  • November 20: Phillies claim Vielma off waivers from Giants.
  • December 11: Pirates claim Vielma off waivers from Philies.
  • January 14: Pirates designate Vielma for assignment.
  • January 18: Giants claim Vielma off waivers from Pirates.
  • January 23: Giants designate Vielma for assignment.
  • January 26: Giants trade Vielma to Orioles for a player to be named later or cash.

What other hot stove action could you possibly want?! What commodity is there hotter than dear Vielma? Congratulations to Baltimore for finally completing the pursuit:

Twins-Giants-Phillies-Pirates-Giants-Orioles. In honor of his five-club journey, please now enjoy the five best anagrams of his name, only some of which I made with an online anagram generator:

  • Viable Legmen
  • Blame Leg Vein
  • Lamb Gene Evil
  • Naive Bell Gem
  • Male Beveling

This has been the Jan. 26 installment of the Engelb Vielma tracker. Please stay tuned for future anagrams with his full name, Engelb Stalin Vielma. Thank you.

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