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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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World Cup fever is everywhere; and no, zoo critters are not immune. England takes on Ecuador on Sunday in Round Two, a fact that has not been lost on local monkeys. But we're not sure if British fans should feel a well of pride at viewing this photo, or be embarrassed. Metaphors abound in all directions, and we don't have the energy to sort them out. These non-hominid primates, actually, have been stealing flags from cars at an English wild animal park. Doesn't mean that they can't also be rabid soccer fans, though.

So far this year we've seen soccer games staged between competing teams of penguins, horses and even ants, so it's refreshing to see a species just willing to sit back and be spectators. And we're going to keep an eye on these monkeys, because they will steal everything and anything, and there's always the outside chance that one of them will show up on TV wearing a YWML t-shirt. And you know what that means ... Deadspin guest post!


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