Liverpool took an early lead within the friendly confines of Anfield but they couldn't hold off red-hot Arsenal for the full 90 minutes. Liverpool took a quick lead courtesy of a low rocket delivered by Steven Gerrard on a fixed piece in the sixth minute. From there the defense took root in an attempt to keep Arsenal's showy attack off of the score sheet. The plan was going according to form until Cesc Fabregas came through with an 80th minute equalizer that pushed Arsenal back atop the table. The Gunners sit tied with Manchester United with the benefit of a game in hand.

And now for the best news of the day, Tottenham lost again! That's correct, the team that's always supposed to compete with the big boys dropped a 2-1 decision to a Blackburn team that's performing at a level the Spurs envisioned for themselves. The Rovers have battled themselves in a tie for forth with resurgent Chelsea, a lone point ahead of the Liverpudlians. Tottenham remains firmly entrenched in the relegation zone with Bolton and mighty Derby County.

Other Scores
Derby County 0 - Everton 2
Bolton 1 - Aston Villa 1