Hungary isn't known for churning out scores of soccer stars. So we understand when a nice young Hungarian boy is employed for his ability to kick around a ball, his countrymen want to support him, even if they take it a little far, as Notts County has discovered.

The Magpies recently signed Hungarian youth international Balint Bajner from Ipswich Town. Bajner is still fairly young at 24, but has bounced around from league to league, never quite living up to his promise. The Hungarian faithful have yet to give up on the striker, though, which has lead to some slightly testy exchanges on social media.

The country first made their big show of support for Bajner after his debut for Ipswich Town back in August. In that match, Bajner was subbed out after only 44 minutes, not even lasting the entire first half. Incensed at the slight, swarms of Hungarians flooded Ipswich's Facebook page with this message: "No Bajner, no party." You can see a snapshot of the campaign here, from the Daily Mail:


The movement didn't seem to produce much results, however, and Ipswich decided to pawn off the striker on Notts. Hungarians again took to Facebook to express themselves, this time spamming Notts's page with their catchphrase:


Notts originally thought this was all fun and games, until they realized how incessant the Bajner movement was. In each successive post on their page, the spamming continued.

To deal with the issue, Notts took the drastic step of blocking anyone with a Hungarian IP address from commenting on their page. Unfortunately for the English third-tier club, this act turned the whole thing into an even bigger story, sparking a new meme for non-Hungary dwelling Hungarians and non-Hungarian supporters of free speech and the God-given right to run semi-funny jokes into the ground on social media:


Nous sommes tout Bajner. Nous sommes tout fête.

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