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This moment, via Zach Harper, is a lot to take in:


Okay, yes, obviously our man from “radio television Hong Kong” trying to flex on the whole room with that Splash Brothers quip he probably spent all game cooking up is very funny, but please don’t miss Kyrie Irving’s flourish at the end.

I’m pretty sure he answered “switch,” as in “We will continue to switch on pick and rolls.” I’m also pretty sure that right after saying that, he fucking panicked because LeBron has probably warned him not to discuss specific strategies during press conferences, and all of a sudden he was sitting there thinking, “Oh shit, was I not supposed to say that? Is us switching even a secret? Oh God, is LeBron mad? Don’t look at LeBron. I have to look at LeBron. Shit I think he’s mad.”

The moment was so awkward that the guy who asked the question even apologized as Irving composed himself:

Okay, one last thing. Watch the first video again, and notice the dude sitting right behind the questioner make a face like he’s watching the performance of a really bad slam poem.

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