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Eric Naposki, '80s Linebacker, Will Face Murder Charges; Goodell Probably Cannot Suspend Him

Some geriatric chickens coming home to roost on this one: former Colts and Patriots linebacker Eric Naposki will indeed have to face a jury on murder charges, after a judge declined to dismiss the case against him on Friday.

Forgive me if you hear of so many like this: Naposki, who played in three games in '88 and two games in '89, is being charged with an Orange County murder committed in December 1994. And no, the victim was not Macaulay Culkin's career. Rather, it was millionaire businessman William McLaughlin, whose live-in girlfriend was also charged.


Yes, December 1994, when the San Francisco 49ers were marching toward a Super Bowl. December 1994, when we couldn't wait for Newt Gingrich and crew to take back Washington. Glad the DAs finally got around to it.

Nonetheless, we'll soon have a trial that will fill local news teasers and make for some great puns. Pay bail or play ball! (Thank you.)


Defense In Murder Case Against Ex-NFL Player Cries 'Illegal Procedure!' [OC Weekly]

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