Eric Weddle And The Chargers Seem To Be Done With Each Other

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Eric Weddle has spent all nine seasons of his pro career with the Chargers, and after he didn’t receive a contract extension before the season, it seemed likely that he’d sign with another team when he became a free agent. Now, the prospect of Weddle leaving the Chargers is a virtual certainty. And the breaking point apparently revolved around Weddle’s daughter performing in a halftime show.


The Chargers played their final home game on Dec. 20 against the Dolphins; San Diego led 23-0 after two quarters. Weddle remained on the field to watch his daughter perform in the halftime show with the cheerleaders. The team fined him for violating the team policy. Coach Mike McCoy gave a vague explanation of the reasoning behind the decision:

“We have a policy here, and a situation took place two weeks ago at our stadium. So yes, we did fine him. It’s an organizational call. We have a club policy here, and there are certain things we have to do as a football team at halftime to make adjustments, and things like that. That’s why we did that.”

McCoy wouldn’t reveal the amount of Weddle’s fine, but the safety’s agent, David Canter, told the Associated Press that the amount was $10,000. Weddle hurt his groin in Thursday’s game against the Raiders, and on Monday, the Chargers placed him on injured reserve, ending his season.

Later that day, Canter went off on how the team handled his client, and claimed the Chargers told Weddle and the other players on injured reserve that they wouldn’t travel to the last game of the season because there wasn’t enough room on the plane:


So, that’s how this relationship ends. Not with a sendoff, but a possible grievance filed through the NFLPA. Even if the Chargers had no intentions to re-sign Weddle, their methods were puzzling. The guy lingered around the stadium for hours after the last home game to sign autographs for fans and take in the atmosphere, and he’ll be nowhere near the team in Week 17. San Diego’s messy loss will be another team’s gain. Hey, the Raiders just had a spot open up at free safety.


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