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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Erin Andrews: Limber

Aggressive Women's Magazine Photographer: Erin! Together again. This shoot will be super-fun this time, promise. Now lemme read the sheet, wait..."visual component of CrossFit workout routine" for Self...WHAT? Why don't I just shoot you taking a yoga class at Crunch! Let's push this more. Go stand against that blue brick wall. Okay, now...jump in the air! HIGHER. Now, jump sideways! Not that way! There you go, now snarl. More. MORE. ROOOOWWWW... like a jaguar chasing a monkey in the trees. No, no — too much. Snarl sexier. You're a sexy jaguar chasing monkeys. KEEP. JUMPING. Now pout. Pout then snarl THEN jump. Pretend the monkey was eaten by a boa constrictor before you could get it. POUT like that. Great, go again. JUMP SIDEWAYS MORE. HIGHER. Pretend there are hurdles in the monkey trees, pouty Jaguar. PERFECT.


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