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Erin Andrews: Sideline Princess, TV Dancing Star, Stalking Victim, Wishes To Be Taken More Seriously

So she officially signed back on to the WWL to have her role expanded on College Gameday. She's also going to be spun-off to Good Morning America to do some non-sports features to prove she can be gravely serious.

"With what I've been through, I want to talk to women who are victims. … And people haven't seen I can have a serious tone. We feel it's important to start off with serious issues so people take me seri....."


Oh shut up, lady.

But to sum up: sports fans not only get an extra hour of "America's most famous sideline reporter" talking to college football players and coaches before halftime, but the possibility of her discussing things like genital mutilation in Somalia and other things like that. Everybody's having fun.

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