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ESPN Cleveland Radio Personality Fired After Saying Browns Players Were On Drugs

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Yesterday, ESPN 850 Cleveland contributor Sabrina Parr went on daily radio program The Really Big Show and delivered a blistering take about how the Browns’ newly drafted safety Jabrill Peppers was going to fail because he was “on the lean and the molly.” Parr was challenged on her claims by her co-hosts, but didn’t back down, offering Peppers’s diluted urine sample as proof, while also casually accusing offensive lineman Joe Thomas of being “on the lean, too.”

The entire show is two hours long, but a member of Really Big Show’s subreddit put together a compilation of Parr’s theorizing.

Parr quickly backpedaled, insisting to both the Browns and Deadspin in a now-deleted tweet that she had been somehow misquoted. While the offending remarks have been compiled in an edited-down video clip and could be open to misinterpretation, Parr made her accusations over and over again without offering evidence. One of the hosts claimed that Peppers’s camp had reached out during the segment, likely to express their bewilderment with Parr.


According to Awful Announcing, the station fired Parr last night. This morning, she mentioned the need for people to be able to take criticism and said she was just joking about Thomas, which doesn’t really work as a defense.

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