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ESPN Falls For Fake Jay Glazer Tweet About Olivier Vernon Signing With The Jaguars

ESPN’s NFL Live bit hard on a fake tweet about defensive end Olivier Vernon signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars today. Trey Wingo broke the “news” from “Fox Sports,” threw it to Adam Schefter for details (on a signing that didn’t occur), and opened it up to the panel. There’s something perfect about watching the process of analysis when the move being analyzed never actually happened.

Twitter user and irrepressible scamp @UncleChaps was the culprit, and he didn’t even spell Vernon’s name correctly:


The bearer of fake news has already altered his Twitter appearance, but when he tweeted the “report,” his photo was Glazer’s avatar, and the display name was “Jay Glazer.” Anyone who didn’t bother to look at the handle was fooled.

Schefter later clarified that Vernon wasn’t actually going to the Jaguars.


Make sure you get your hot stove news only from the real Glaze.



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