Yesterday, we brought up an ESPN report by Seahawks reporter Terry Blount that profanely misquoted Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin. For whatever reason, Blount incorrectly inserted a few "motherfuckers" into Baldwin's postgame rant. Last night, ESPN finally got around to correcting the story, adding the following note:

A Jan. 18 story on inaccurately quoted Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Baldwin used at least three expletives to reporters in an emotional response following the team's NFC Championship Game victory over Green Bay, but two were inaccurately placed in the transcription of quotes in the original story. The story has been updated to reflect the most pertinent of those quotes.

I guess this means that Baldwin packed all his "motherfuckers" into the beginning of his rant, before anyone had time to start recording video. So take notes, other NFL players. If you're going to curse out a bunch of reporters, do it before they have time to get their phones out.

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