ESPN Gets A Ridiculous Amount Of Traffic From Fantasy Football News

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ESPN may be getting ready to lay off a few hundred people, but the sports media behemoth still wants the world to know that it commands the attention of the all the world’s sports fans. ESPN just put out a rather boring press release trumpeting the 94.4 million unique visitors raked in by in September, but things get interesting when you get to the chart showing the site’s most-visited stories from the month.


Look at that shit! Seven out of the 10 most popular stories on last month were run-of-the-mill fantasy football takes. Seven million people were like, “I gotta find out what’s good with Dion Lewis and Matt Jones this week.” This is also a reminder that the continued explosion of the NFL’s popularity has almost everything to do with fantasy football.

I have no idea how much ESPN fantasy guru Matthew Berry gets paid, but it probably isn’t enough given that he is very much the backbone of the biggest sports website in the world. Maybe if they gave him a raise he wouldn’t have to be a paid shill for scammy gambling sites.


h/t Quincy