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ESPN Grills Gronk About Patriots' Balls

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Cheerful ogre Rob Gronkowski and Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. swung by ESPN this morning to plug some stuff about the Madden cover, but Jay Crawford and Chris McKendry (rightfully) took the opportunity to lob Ballghazi-related questions at Gronk, who answered them by talking about how he likes lifting weights and playing football.

SportsGrid has the video. It’s awkward, in an entertaining way. Gronk’s asked about how well he knew ball guys Jim McNally and John Jastremski, and what he thought of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. At one point, Beckham’s asked for his thoughts on Brady, too. The two NFLers give uninteresting responses, of course.

Admire Gronk for not making a joke about balls. That takes restraint.

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