ESPN Has An Northeast Coast Bias? What?

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OK, I suppose one could say that we've been guilty of trotting out more than a fair share of Yankees, Mets and Red Sox posts over any given season (although we also have some Rick Ankiel and Barry Bonds posts we'd like you to meet). But ESPN takes its Northeast favoritism to an entire new level (like we had to tell you). Here's a telling screen grab for your files, as presented by The Big Lead.

Our hockey writer, Lee Diekemper, sent us an email at 11:35 this morning, alerting us to check out the ESPN baseball headlines. Nine headlines, and only two of them didn't include the Yankees, Mets or Red Sox. Did contraction happen and we not get the memo?

And, didn't Kazmir formerly play for the Mets?

Of course this can all be written off as a coincidence. Certainly.

ESPN's NY/Boston Love Affair Continues [The Big Lead]