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While ESPN de-bloats, they wouldn't be the WWL unless they also added a big name. The biggest one so far: Matt Millen, Ex-Lions GM/Architect of Destruction, will join their Monday Night Countdown on-site team.


According to one source, Millen will take the spot once occupied by the comically incompetent Smith, adding color and pregame/halftime/post-game analysis with Stu Scott and plastic cup assault victim Steve Young.
Remember that regardless of Millen's disastrous overseeing of the Lions, many in the broadcasting industry think he's one of the best in the business at x-ing/o-ing/colorizing. NBC brought on Millen last year as a special correspondent for their Super Bowl coverage and it seemed imminent that he would join them full-time this season. But Norby (!) swooped in with the big dollars and now Millen's in Bristol.

Thankfully there is no Monday night game in Detroit this year, or else Millen would probably get hit in the face with an object that would most likely cause more disfigurement than a souvenir cup.

Other shake-ups that will happen: Yes, Adam Schefter from NFL Network is in, longtime football reporter Len Pasquarelli is out. ESPN says Len is staying put.


ESPN is putting together some sort of comment for me, but I have to go meet some people so I don't feel like waiting around all day. If/when they do, I'll fix anything wrong with this report via one of those cute little "UPDATE" things.

As you were. Oh, and hi guys. Happy Saturday.

UPDATE: Espn "Respectfully declines comment." Later!

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