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ESPN Headline Writers Probably Should've Opted For Something Less Chinky

Given all the insensitivity issues that have come up during Olympic basketball, it probably wasn't a good idea for to use "Chink In The Armor?" as their Redeem Team story hed at 4 p.m. today. Well, it's changed now. That's the beauty of online publishing; your sins can be vanquished in an instant. Unless, of course, one person like Krister Johnson immediately screen-grabs it and sends it over to Deadspin. We're sure ESPN didn't mean anything by it. Maybe the thought the headline was just an "affectionate gesture." Anyway, stories: • White Men: Runnin' • Beijing: Smuttin' • Drew Magary: Tittin' • Ladies: Phelpsin' • Tiki: Cuntin' • Clay: Kige'n • ESPN: Croissantin' • Leitch: Hall of Famin' That's it for this week. Tomorrow, Tuffy (pronounced "TOO-Fay" I believe) gets to be a solider boy, made of clay in the KOGOD Weekend Army and round out the Olympics for us. BACK TO THE FRONT, TOO-FAY. Plus, more Beijing bureau stuff that will most likely have 90% less skin. Tonight: get yourself a plate of cheese, a sack full of kittens and go have some fun. Thank you for your continued support of J.E. Skeets.

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