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ESPN's "NFL Sunday Countdown" has tried all sorts of gimmicks to move the ratings dial up a tick, most famously hiring Rush Limbaugh to defend the long-persecuted white quarterback. But now they're trying something we wouldn't have even thought of: They're bringing in a 10-year-old.

In a new weekly feature, 10-year old Chicago boy Jason Krause will provide commentary while exploring various NFL topics. The first installment will debut this weekend with Krause opining about the long-awaited Lions-Raiders match-up and about quarterback Jon Kitna's off-season 10-win "guarantee."


We haven't been able to dig up much information on the tyke, so we don't know where ESPN found him. But for God's sake, keep him away from Salisbury's cellphone! (And keep his mom away from Berman.)

ESPN Hires 10-Year-Old To Appear On "ESPN Sunday Countdown" [Awful Announcing]

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