ESPN Horndog Dossier: Erik Kuselias (UPDATED)

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Who? Right. Exactly. But Mr. Kuselias, as tiny an orb as he may be in the ESPN galaxy, has solidified his reputation as "the biggest douchebag in the place," according to multiple sources. But what about that sex-harassment thing?

Yes, according to sources, Mr. Kuselias became a little too friendly with a female ESPN employee at a recent Super Bowl Monday Night Football party, where he drunkenly blurted out to her, "I would like to fuck you." The woman, skeeved by his advances, declined. She notified HR and, according to a source, Kuselias was suspended. The HR person allegedly told the woman, "I'm not supposed to tell you this...but he's been warned before." Really?


Kuselias, by the way, was married at the time (shocker) but apparently is no longer because...

His wife hired a private investigator and found out he was having an ongoing relationship with ESPN personality Stephania Bell. Who again? Anyway, those two were doing it. Mrs. Kuselias wasn't too happy about it.


However! It appears that the Kuselias are trying to work things out at this time, I'm told. Good for them.

Awaiting comment from ESPN....

UPDATED FOR IRONY: Kuselias was hired by ESPN radio after they fired Jason Jackson for...sexual harassment.

UPDATED AGAIN: Everyone say hello to Jennifer Williams, ESPN personality and brand-new Deadspin commenter.