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ESPN Interviews One Of The Guys From "Meet Me In Temecula"

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Screencap via

The Christmas season is all about peace on Earth, goodwill towards your neighbors, and defending the honor of your favorite basketball player by driving 35 minutes to go fight some chump who talked shit online. Two Christmases ago, Twitter user @MyTweetsRealAF made the drive down to Temecula, Ca. after @SnottieDrippen mocked him for claiming Kobe Bryant was an elite player. @SnottieDrippen was in Arizona for the holidays, but his opponent was so Mad Online that he went all the way anyway. Glorious.

The feud peaked when @MyTweetsRealAF (who, it should be noted, has earned that handle, as he drove to Temecula which is inarguably real AF) released a diss track three days later.

Seeing as how Kobe retired, and this feud started when someone took issue with disparaging remarks about him, ESPN thought to interview the protagonists. Only Snottie talked, and he got into how it started, how much he dislikes Kobe fans, and getting Mad Online:


Sadly, @MyTweetsRealAF didn’t agree to an interview, but his denial did give us this very funny screencap:

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