As you've probably heard by now, ESPN has suspended Jemele Hill for a "period of time" after one of her columns broke Godwin's Law and invoked Hitler. We do hope local Boston sports radio is happy now that they have their scalp.

ESPN's statement is a still-life of corporate smug-speak.

"Jemele has been relieved of her writing and on-air responsibilities for a period of time to reflect on the impact of her words," ESPN spokesman Paul Melvin said in an e-mailed statement yesterday.


Whatever your thoughts on Hill's column โ€” we think Hill's a fine writer, but anytime you say "Hitler," whatever point you're trying to make is obliterated โ€” we hope that, you know, ESPN remembers that there were editors who didn't change Hill's comment in the first place. That's what you pay them for, right?

And uh, Boston radio people: Clumsily breaking Godwin's Law is not the same as Don Imus and nappy-headed ho's. Sorry. It's not.


Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to take some time to reflect on the impact on that awful pun we wrote last week.

ESPN Suspends Columnist Hill [Boston Herald]

By the way, Hill has addressed the suspension on her site, kind of.