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ESPN Is Making Its 2 P.M. SportsCenter "TebowCenter" Today

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What, you didn't have enough ammo to dislike ESPN beforehand? You weren't tired of all the Tebow talk?


Well, then ESPN's in-house Front Row blog has some good news for you!

Based on viewer interest, social media buzz and mainstream discussion of Denver and Tebow, it is clear that he is perhaps the hottest topic in sports right now. ... Here are a few of the elements, but the list is ever-evolving:

  • Highlight treatment of Tebow 4th quarter/overtime comebacks. (5 in his first 10 starts)
  • Reporter Josina Anderson live from Broncos facility.
  • Jerry Rice breakdown on Tebow's development as a passer.
  • Steve Young on Tebow's future and how the Broncos should handle Tebow.
  • Potential touchscreen segment either picking Broncos remaining schedule or picking pro bowl QBs.
  • Feature: "Winning the Tebow way," by Ed Werder
  • Brandon Krisztal, Broncos Reporter, 104.3 The Fan in Denver on city's Tebowmania
  • Skip Bayless debates Mark Schlereth on Tebow
  • SC Top 10 Tebow moments (will include college plays, "the promise" and Draft day in addition to NFL moments)

And that's plenty.

If you don't have a death wish, Versus is showing Bill Dance Outdoors and Fishing with Roland Martin from 2-3 p.m.

Set your clocks: It's Tebow Time at 2:00 p.m. (ET) on SportsCenter [ESPN Front Row]