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Resident nerdy professor ESPN ombudsman George Solomon filed his newest impotent you-darned-kids column on Saturday, and, as usual, we imagine ESPN brass reading it, shaking their heada, chuckling, then tossing another few more Indonesian children on the fire. (It's gonna get cold in Bristol soon; it's the middle of September, you know.) We continue to be amused by the notion of ESPN having an omdbudsman all together; it's like someone following Don King around and occassionally pointing out, "Uh, Don, you know, you're not necessarily doing the right thing by these boxers" as Don picks his teeth with a featherweight's bones.

Anyway, Solomon praises ESPN for its Hurricane Katrina coverage, says that — get this — the network is covering Terrell Owens too much, and actually writes the phrase "hype sells, but rarely endures," which might be the funniest thing on since the last Bill Simmons cartoon. He also says that figures like Texas Tech coach Bob Knight — who has an upcoming reality series on the network — should be treated as "newsmakers," not "entertainers." He then went back to watching "Teammates," we bet.

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