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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Surely ESPN spends a lot of time and money putting together its annual BracketBusters event. But if all they want to do is be the PR firm for the Curry family, why bother?

ESPN's BracketBusters is an annual made-for-ad-revenue event that pits low- and mid-major teams from different conferences against each other. This year, 13 of the games are televised across the ESPN cabal of networks. However, I've had ESPNews on the TV for most of the day and all I've heard about are two games. Scratch that. All I've heard about are two players: Seth and Stephen Curry.


Look, ESPN, we get it. NBA player dad, hot mom, good players. But there are 24 other teams out there, all of which probably have some pretty compelling stories of their own. If you want anyone to watch those games, you might consider publicizing them.

And how are those Curry kids doing? Seth Curry's Liberty team was eviscerated by (women's) powerhouse Old Dominion 80-56 and Stephen Curry's overrated Davidson squad was rolled by Butler 75-63. Stephen got 20 points...on team-killing 6-23 shooting. Predictably, between the time I started writing this and now, has all but removed all traces of BracketBusters from its front page.

Butler vs. Davidson []
Liberty vs. Old Dominion []

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