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ESPN Seems Really Proud Of This Terrible Tony Romo Photoshop

The same day Tony Romo announced that he was retiring from the NFL to pursue a career in broadcasting, ESPN sent a cute tweet:

A tipster alerted us to the fact that the same image of Romo sitting at a news desk was used today in an ESPN article about how Romo might call an NFL game in Mexico next season. You don’t have to look at the photo for too long to realize that the person sitting at the desk isn’t Tony Romo at all! It’s Tony Romo’s head on another person’s body.

But whose body is it? Just some guy who shows up when you search for “newsman sitting at desk” in Getty’s stock images:


This isn’t nearly as enjoyable as White Michael Vick, but we appreciate ESPN’s commitment to creating shoddy photoshops.

h/t Tony

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