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Illustration for article titled ESPN Settles Wrongful Termination Suit With Ron Franklin

Franklin, you will recall, was fired by ESPN after a condescendingly sexist exchange with his colleague, Jeannine Edwards—referring to her as "Sweet baby"—before last year's Chik-fil-A Bowl.


When he was relieved of his duties Franklin was under contract until 2012. Where a lesser man might have accepted the consequences of his actions, Ron Franklin brought suit for wrongful termination. Rather than fight this thing out in court, wasting money, time and resources on lawyers, pleadings, and deposing witnesses, ESPN settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. The terms of the settlement were similarly undisclosed but most likely include Ron Franklin continuing to "not be reached for comment" and ESPN not admitting any wrongdoing for showing Franklin the door.

ESPN settles wrongful termination suit brought by Ron Franklin [NewsOK]

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