ESPN Soccernet's West Bromwich Albion blogger posted a fake interview with Roy Hodgson, the real new West Brom manager, this afternoon. Within minutes, higher-ups at the WWL had deleted the post, per @dirtytackle.

Thankfully, the piece—garden-variety, mock interview satirical fare—has been republished at Surreal Football.

Here's an excerpt:

Clearly having spent time around Liverpool FC has hit Hodgson hard and will continue to do so for a while longer yet, nevertheless, I try and move forward with the interview, asking him about what he hopes to achieve at his new club. "Remind me…the Shaggies? No, the Baggies, yeah? **** it. Yeah, a couple of seasons here and I should be able to have another go at Fulham or something. Hopefully I'll keep them up, y'know, if I can be arsed."

Hodgson is a man who speaks his mind, and that's obviously something that his new set of players have responded to fantastically well to, with a run of results so far including a stunning: two draws and one win. "I told ‘em, I said listen, you ****, don't mess with me or I'll kill you [Roy makes a stabbing motion]." I ask him if he thinks that kind of approach gives him an edge over his popular predecessor, Roberto Di Matteo, and he responds frankly: "Di Matteo is a ****, end of."


Yeah, that does not look real at all. ESPN can be a bit overzealous.

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