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This morning, the Big 12 Conference officially announced a 13-year media deal shared between ABC/ESPN and Fox. But the news had already been reported earlier, yesterday afternoon, by college football reporter Brett McMurphy. That meant, given ESPN's attempts to keep its programming and editorial departments completely separate ("church and state" is how a SportsCenter producer describes it), that McMurphy wasn't just handed a preview version of the press release. Instead he had to do what any reporter would when looking for a statement: reach out to ESPN's PR guy.

That led to the delightful sight of an ESPN flack giving a no-comment to an ESPN reporter on an ESPN story about an ESPN media deal.

ESPN spokesperson Josh Krulewitz declined comment.

The rabbit hole wasn't deep enough yet. So we reached out to Josh Krulewitz, to ask him if he could comment on Josh Krulewitz's decision not to comment on the Big 12 deal. Here's what he told us.

"I was tempted not to comment on your question for thematic justice.

"I'm sure it's ironic that I actually commented on something like the potential existence of John Clayton's ponytail, yet declined to speak on the Big 12 last night. The fact is our newsgathering team operates separately from our programming team so my 'no comment' as a corporate spokesperson would have been the same for any outlet that asked."


We've asked Josh Krulewitz for comment on his latest comments to

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