Well, look what we have here. That's Fox Sports' Jay Glazer getting credited—with his actual name this time—on SportsCenter for first reporting that the Browns had fired head coach Pat Shurmur. This is somewhat of a big deal, as it comes on the heels of yesterday's Twitter kerfuffle between Glazer and ESPN news editor Steve Peresman over ESPN's use of the term "sources" when reporting a story that has already hit other media outlets (yesterday's example was Sean Payton signing a contract extension). Glazer's beef was not only an issue of "who had it first," but of ESPN co-opting Glazer as an ESPN asset by dropping the "sources" umbrella over him and other reporters.

But today brings what seems to be a peace offering of sorts. Glazer tweeted that the Browns had fired Shurmur 15 minutes before ESPN's Adam Schefter got around to reporting the same information. Glazer had Schefter beat by three minutes with the Sean Payton story, but today he earned himself some individual recognition. So there you go, Jay. Just beat Schefter by at least 15 minutes from now on, and ESPN will acknowledge you as an actual human being.

[Awful Announcing]