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ESPN The Magazine Decides That Michael Vick Is White Again (UPDATE)

OK. We give up. ESPN has murdered our mole and made Vick white again. Evidently, they are entitled to their own truths.

UPDATE: ESPN the Mag editor Chad Millman explains the hubbub to an outlet that didn't try to infiltrate ESPN meetings today:

ESPN took down the photo illustration and replaced it with an actual photo of Mike Vick. Then, over an hour later, they put back in the illustration. I asked ESPN why they did this, and they sent back a statement from Chad Millman: "We initially removed the Vick photo-illustration due to a licensing issue which has since been resolved. We firmly stand by our representation of the story and the photo-illustration, which has since been re-posted and appreciate and encourage the discussion it has prompted."



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ESPN The Magazine Replaces White Michael Vick With Black Michael Vick

H/T ArkansasFred.

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