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ESPN Tight-Lipped On Mike Situation

Big Mike news this morning. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch is reporting that the Mikes who host ESPN radio’s daily morning show, Mike & Mike, are now just Mike and Mike.

According to Deitsch, Mike Greenberg (Little Mike) will be leaving the radio show be the lead host of a morning television show on ESPN. This leaves Mike Golic (Big Mike) without a co-host for Mike & Mike, but Deitsch reports that replacements for Little Mike are being considered:

The leading in-house candidate to emerge as a replacement is Trey Wingo, who has experience on ESPN Radio and is one of the network’s signature NFL hosts. Wingo is the expected replacement for Chris Berman on ESPN’s coverage of the opening night of the NFL Draft. Mike Golic Jr., who already works for ESPN Radio, is also expected to be part of any new show.


That passage is a little confusing—are we headed for Trey & Mike & Mike? Or is Golic Jr. (New Mike) replacing his father, thus giving us Trey & New Mike?—so we reached out to ESPN for clarification. We received this response:

We are respectfully declining comment.

We will update this post when we figure out what exactly is going on with the dang Mikes.


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