ESPN trolls James Harden for loading up on Trill Burgers

Cue up the 'out of shape' jokes from the World Wide Leader

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A Black man with a large beard in a blue basketball uniform with white and red detailing yells in the middle of an NBA basketball game.
ESPN has no chill when it comes to James Harden.
Image: Getty Images

In the era of social media, everyone has jokes. Apps like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have made most things and people easily accessible. Sometimes you’ve got jokes rattling around inside that noggin that you have to get off. This leaves all participants open for trolling, especially pro athletes and other public figures. Enter former NBA MVP James Harden, loading up on Houston rapper Bun B’s Trill Burgers.


Sportscenter/ESPN took a screenshot of Harden snagging a few burgers directly from legendary UGK member Bun B during a live event. Of course, the trolls jumped to action in digging into Harden even further, although some weren’t as harsh. Others went right at Harden going in with the weight and out-of-shape jokes.


What you didn’t see in that initial post from ESPN and Sportscenter poking fun in the comments asking who Harden grabbed those burgers for was 76ers teammate P.J. Tucker also taking a burger from the Underground King. But that narrative doesn’t move the needle, and Tucker isn’t the dude to play with on that level. So, Harden had to take this one for the team as usual.

It’s definitely low-hanging fruit, but we know ESPN isn’t afraid to get low. With all the trade talk of Harden going back to Houston and the way he left a couple of years ago, it’s no surprise this non-story caught everyone’s attention and put the beard back at the forefront of controversy, no matter how minor it may be.