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A man named Michael Bynum is writing a book about George Gipp, and as part of his research ... he had Gipp's body dug up. (We did not put this level of devotion into our book. Sorry.) As part of their Best College Football Players Of All Time series, an ESPN crew was there for the exhuming. That didn't make some people happy.

Karl Gipp is a cousin of the Gipper, and he says he's considering suing the network.

"I don't know why ESPN, as a sports network, would come and dig up a grave and film it. It's absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. For me, it's a sacrilege against our community up here, the Gipp name, and the people. I have nothing good to say about it. Nothing."


Oh, Karl, Karl, Karl: If ESPN wasn't in the business of digging up bodies, man, they wouldn't be ESPN. Try to pay attention.

ESPN and Bynum actually won't say why the body is being dug up. We're guessing their looking for an analyst with even more to say than Desmond Howard.

ESPN Exhumes Body Of George Gipp For Upcoming Documentary [Sports By Brooks]

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