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ESPN Will Not Tolerate Reckless Boob Promotions On Affiliate Stations

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ESPN apparently has no problem putting a pregnant woman on the cover of its magazine, but when it comes to their radio affiliates promoting pornyish websites for a March Madness tournament, they're not as liberal.

According to The Mighty Dan Gross, 950 ESPN was forced to drop its "Battle Of The Babes" March Madness style promotion it had with (NOT SAFE FOR WORK. UNLESS YOU WORK IN A PLACE THAT ALREADY FEATURES WOMEN DRESSED IN VILLANOVA HALF-SHIRTS SPREADING THEIR BUTTOCKS.)

According to Gross, ESPN corporate wasn't too fond of one of their stations partnering with such an unseemly internet locale and yanked the promotion. Sports By Brooks got the confirmation from ESPN's always reliable Josh Krulewitz:

Full time ESPN Radio affiliates understand that the value of being a full time affiliate comes with the responsibility of keeping consistent with the ESPN brand in their local markets...It's part of the arrangement to become full time affiliates. There are times, when we are aware of things that clearly go beyond the guidelines of that arrangement,when we raise those concerns with the affiliate.


Translation: NO WHORES. Please.

This news is extremely unsettling to Kurt Laufer, president and founder of, who shared his disappointment with the Daily News:

"People are such frickin' prudes. I'm pissed that I wasted two days of my life organizing this promotion. I'm sure their webmaster is upset, too, as he must have dedicated major time to setting up all the brackets."

And by "people" he means ESPN, who do tend to be rather prudish about things like this.

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