Probably time to check in on that whole Woody Paige sexual harassment lawsuit business. Not that many new details have been released since yesterday, except that we've learned a bit more about Jay Crawford, amazingly. (Seriously, we didn't think they guy even knew how to read.) We did enjoy the following denials from both ESPN and Atlantic Video (the production company of "Cold Pizza.")

ESPN: "This suit is without merit and we deny the allegations.
Atlantic Video: "This lawsuit is without merit, and we deny the allegations. This matter will be vigorously defended."

Someone's following their talking points! (Though this is not the first time Paige has been accused of something like this.)


Seriously, though: Explain to us how Paige is defended here while Harold Reynolds was canned for allegations that were far less egregious than these. It's almost as if Norby β€” Norby! β€” was playing favorites or something. Wonder if it has anything to do with HR being a Mark Shapiro guy, and Paige being more of a Norby β€” Norby! β€” guy. Just a thought. Wild guess, really.

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