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We're fairly certain it has nothing to do with executive editor John Marvel's firing, but it's safe to say that the massive problems has been having with its fantasy site aren't exactly making people flock from Yahoo's game. Half an hour ago, the fantasy site was still down, with the following note from senior vice president and general manager John Kosner.

I want to let you know that everyone at shares your frustration with the early season technical problems with our Fantasy Football application. I appreciate very much that you have chosen to play Fantasy Football with us and we value our relationship with you - fan to fan. I want to apologize to you for the problems we've had and assure you that we are doing everything in our power to solve them and provide an experience that the best, most passionate sports fans on the Web deserve.


Right before we posted this, it appeared that our own fantasy team's page on ESPN — we have two on Yahoo, by the way — was just posted. Hey, thanks a lot, Culpepper. Anyway, a tipster remains less than impressed:

Yeah, that's real nice, considering we paid the extra $60.00 for 'The Edge' FFL service - apparently that gets you love letters from their Sr. VP)

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