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ESPN's Cool Podcasters

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From DesignTechnica News this morning: will soon expand its podcast offerings, to include daily excerpts from Mike & Mike in the Morning, Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Eric Kuselias and more radio commentaries. It will also have a regular rotation featuring, among others, Eric Karabell on fantasy games; commentary from Howie Schwab, Dan Shanoff, Gene Wojciechowski; a selection of Page 2 writers, Voice of the Fan, the Pulse and more.


So, to reiterate: If the scary Oddcast/Sportsnation graphics just don't get you close enough to the gruff warblings of Eric Karabell, the dark mystery of Howie Schwab, the smoldering sensuality of Dan Shanoff ... you can now have them on your iTunes/iPod. To carry around with you. If you, you know, can't read. Providing Extensive Line-up of Podcast Content [DesignTechnica]

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