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Meet the new face of ESPN commenting: Magnum1986. He's dashing, he's eloquent ... he's Superbad. Indeed, if "Magnum PI" were produced today, this hip young ESPN commenter would be our choice for the lead role, hands down. Don't wait up, Higgins; I'm gettin' down tonight!

• "This game is strong evidence that the Blazers' win streak is not a flash in the pan." — Magnum1986

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• "This was totally unexpected. I thought OU was the real deal after the Mizz game." — ParsonsBri

• This was totally unexpected. I always recover my onside kicks in Madden 08.—StoopsPoops — Quick

• That was totally unexpected. I thought those levees were the real deal—heckofajobbrownie05 — Ringitupwiththedongtea

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