Did you read ESPN.com's story about Hines Ward being cut by the Steelers, the only team he's known for 14 seasons? Did you see that their headline was "No Happy Endings," because Ward loves Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh loves Ward and it's sad that it had to end this way?

Or did you see it and think to yourself that Hines Ward's father was stationed in South Korea and married a Korean woman, so that makes Ward half-Korean, and Korea is a country from which large numbers of people emigrate to the United States, and a portion of those Koreans are women who, for a lack of education or language skills or financial independence or other employment opportunities go into the business of massage, and in certain illegal massage parlors clients can pay the masseuse extra money to manually masturbate them to climax, and a slang term for this post-massage ejaculation is a "happy ending," so you immediately decided that ESPN's headline was racist?


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