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ESPN's Jason Whitlock Craps On Author Of SI's Oklahoma State Story

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Jason Whitlock went on the Oklahoma City Sports Animal radio show today to talk about the first part of Sports Illustrated's five-part investigation into Oklahoma State University. He spent a good chunk of time talking shit about Thayer Evans, a former colleague of Whitlock's and one half of the investigative reporting team that authored the report. Whitlock did not pull any punches.


Here he is questioning Thayer's credibility as a journalist. (Transcription via Tulsa World):

Having worked with Thayer Evans at Fox Sports, having followed his work for some time, I am completely and utterly flabbergasted that a legitimate news outlet would allow Thayer Evans to be involved in some type of investigative piece on college football that tears down a program, and particularly one that tears down Oklahoma State when it is no secret what a huge, enormous, gigantic Oklahoma homer Thayer Evans is. This is just incredible. Knowing the lack of competence that’s there with Thayer Evans, knowing the level of simplemindedness that’s there with Thayer Evans, to base any part of the story on his reporting is mind-boggling.


When I learned Thayer Evans was involved, I just said, there’s no way I’ll read this because there’s no reason to trust this reporter on anything of any substance.

Ya burnt, Evans! But wait, Whitlock isn't done yet:

He’s simpleminded. He’s a hack that can’t write. This isn’t personal, I promise. I have no reason to dislike Thayer Evans personally, and I don’t. But I’ve read enough of his work this guy isn’t qualified for this job and by now Sports Illustrated and anybody else should be well aware of this.

OK, Whitlock. I think we get the point. Thayer Evans sucks. Oh wait, there's more:

Let me end by saying this and I honestly mean this without malice. It wouldn’t shock me if Thayer Evans couldn’t spell "cat" and I say in all seriousness.


Your move, Thayer Evans. Time to prove to the world that you can spell "cat."

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