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The handsome man pictured here is Jim Morgenthaler, an employee of ESPN and the "Draft Day Commissioner" of ESPN's Fantasy Game Night. Handsome fellow, we know. Why do we bring him up? Because he's currently the centerpiece of's Page 3, proof that the oft-forgotten page is still alive and kicking with its unique fusion of sports and Hollywood Gossip! Who says sports and entertainment don't mix? Look at that guy!

Anyway, we feel obliged to point out the dates of the last three Page 3 stories:

September 9: Turner Fall TV Picks
September 7: Tommy Lee, A Cornhusker
August 31: Memoirs Of A Video Vixen

Heck, we understand, guys; it's football season, nobody expects you to publish any stories on an site during football season. No worries. We'd like to officially start the Page 3 Oddjack over/under: Date that they finally just remove the link to Page 3 from the front of to just put it out of its misery. We're going with November 11. We're fairly certain that's "over."

Page 3 [ESPN]