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ESPN's Pedro Gomez Drives America's Young Female Population to Lesbianism

Illustration for article titled ESPNs Pedro Gomez Drives Americas Young Female Population to Lesbianism

I was going to do something about the Phillies here but since Sussman will be live-blogging it tonight and it's come to my attention that there are many, many, many Deadspin readers who despise the abundance of Philadelphia coverage that's invaded this site since my unwelcome takeover, I chose this photo instead. It's nothing noteworthy or newsy, but I find it captivating just for the inexplicable image of Pedro Gomez's head floating in the background. Was this some sort of sorority hazing Anytime Pedro Gomez's head pops up, those rushing Alpha Phi must motorboat a sister. It's an intriguing concept. Stare at that for 12 hours or so and talk about all things non-Philadelphia (or Los Angeles related) down here. Those interested in watching Cole Hamels baffle the Dodgers lineup can comment above. Regardless, thank you for your continued support of Deadspin, etc. Three SKEETS High and Rising. Oh. He did a preview on the Sixers. Funny how things work out that way sometimes.


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