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We are not licensed public relations professionals. So maybe we're not in a position to give advice.

HOWEVER. When you have been accused of punching your wife in the face on a crowded street corner, we might advise against publicly celebrating your 26th birthday by pretending you're a boxer.


As a present to himself, [Myers] and his father, Phil, hosted Hall of Fame light-heavyweight boxer Michael Spinks, a friend of the family for the past 24 years. ... Spinks also discovered that Myers earned his living as a blossomed first-round draft pick, starting for the Phillies. "I was shocked," said Spinks, sitting in Myers' locker and signing autographs for some of the older Phillies. "When I saw him, I said, 'This is little Brett? A big guy now? In the major leagues?' Man."

Yep, he's gotten plenty big now, Michael. Doesn't he remind you a little bit of, say, Mike Tyson? Just a little?

In This Corner ... [Philadelphia Inquirer] (halfway down)

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