Even Geniuses Sometimes Forget To Put The Car In Park

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So, you've just won your first non-earthquake-related World Series and are on top of the baseball world. You're preparing your team for a mostly unheard of (these days) title repeat. Everyone over the age of 40 thinks you're a genius, and everyone under 40 can't figure out why you still think it's cool to wear sunglasses in the evening. You're Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa; what do you do now?

Sadly ... you fall asleep drunk in your car while it's still in drive.

Police grew suspicious when the SUV was stopped at a light that went through two cycles of green and a driver behind it had to go around, police said, Police found La Russa slumped over in the driver's seat of the running SUV, which was in drive. La Russa had his foot on the brake and did not respond to knocks on the window, police said. He finally woke up and parked the car. Police said they noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath, and a field sobriety test was conducted.


Drunk driving is a serious offense, particularly for the manager of a major league baseball team, but we really feel obliged to point out that it might help your alcohol tolerance if you'd, you know, eat a steak once in a while.

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(UPDATE: Reader Rich Stratton, using the beautiful invention that is Google Earth, discovers that Tony almost made it home.)


(SECOND UPDATE: The Smoking Gun, of course, has the full police report.)