Even Puerto Rico's Governor Dyed His Hair Blond For The WBC Final

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The members of Puerto Rico’s baseball team dyed their hair blond for the World Baseball Classic, and as they’ve advanced through the tournament, the people of Puerto Rico have been catching on to the trend. In fact, “Team Rubio” has inspired so many Puerto Ricans to go platinum, the island is running out of hair dye, the Associated Press reported.

Myrna Rios, a manager at a Sally Beauty Supply store in the capital of San Juan, told the AP:

“Ever since they began winning, this has not stopped. We have run out of the product in most of our stores.”


Puerto Rico’s Carlos Correa said:

“We have been able to unite our country with our blond hair. That’s what we want as players to unite our country, our people, and give them the best.”


The report said that “men ranging from news anchors to university students to professionals” are dying their hair blond, and that it’s causing a dye shortage.

Luckily Puerto Rico’s governor Ricky Roselló managed to get his hands on some, and his golden locks were peeking out from under his hat when he joined broadcasters in the ESPN booth during Wednesday night’s final.

So much more fun than Team USA.