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Eventual, Delayed Justice, Miami Style

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We're not sure if you can call it a "happy" ending, or even anything resembling justice, but, after a semester of institutional idiocy, at least things will be slightly back to normal.

If you don't remember, blogger Kyle Munzenrieder at was the first to find the infamous "Seventh Floor Crew" rap from current and former Miami Hurricanes football players. After he posted about it, and we linked to it, ESPN's Pat Forde wrote a curious column about it that, inexplicably, let every Miami student know precisely which dorm (and floor) Munzenrieder lived in. Shortly thereafter, he was kicked out of campus housing, ostensibly for his own "safety" and "well-being." (Munzenrieder described this process much better than us here, here and here.)


Well, after much headache (and same fun nights in seedy hotels), Munzenrieder has been allowed back in campus housing after the New Year, saying that the "administration was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of email they had received on my behalf." So he's back next year. Here's one for the rights of bloggers ... and here's one for Tavares Gooden and the rest of the seventh floor crew. You thought was just their number, then you realized you multiply the bitch up then you get their dick size.

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